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We are currently going through all the radio station submissions we have received and will be posting new ones soon.  It is amazing to see all the creativity being put into online stations.  Also, if you find any broken links on our site please let us know.

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  1. 5 years ago by Tom TC

    Dear team,

    I would like to introduce you a rock musician from Austria/Europe:

    Tom TC ( is an exceptional artist. He committed himself to music at the age of 13. Completely self-taught, he has played as a guest artist with various musicians (ranging from reggae to punk as well as hard rock). Tom TC is guitarist and co-founder of several bands, such as the “hard driven rock” band (NIC Along with his own interpretations of rock music, he also composes musicals („Heer der Seelen“ and „Hexe Krähenfuss“) and creates arrangements for other musicians. After NIC “N ° 1”, he is now producing his first, solo CD in a soft rock style.

    His music could be described as soulful, mournful, unique and highly imaginative. His impressive and imaginative compositions are implemented in a variety of genres and styles, inspired by various musicians. His music was influenced by: Marillon, Tangerine Dream, Iron Maiden, in his younger years, and later Van Halen, Joe Satriani, and Mr. Big. Tom TC has also been inspired by classical music, especially Baroque and Renaissance (Bach, Vivaldi, Paganini), and by musicians such as Malmsteen. Tom’s emphasis is always on melody and harmony – which makes his music an extraordinary listening experience.

    A preview to his solo album you can find on
    News about the artist are available via

    If you are interested in, please contact me for details or music upload.

    Kind regards,

  2. 4 years ago by Hugh B.


    Please consider adding my station to your directory, thank you!

    Name: Party Vibe Radio


    1. PARTY VIBE RADIO: Drum & Bass + Jungle –
    2. PARTY VIBE RADIO: Breakbeat + Electro + Bass + Fidget –
    3. PARTY VIBE RADIO: Dubstep + Grime + Bass –
    4. PARTY VIBE RADIO: Rap + Hip Hop + Urban + Top40 + Chart –
    5. PARTY VIBE RADIO: Techno + House + Trance –
    6. PARTY VIBE RADIO: Pop + Urban + Inide + Chart + Top40 + R&B –
    7. PARTY VIBE RADIO: Psychedelic Trance + Progressive + Goa Trance –
    8. PARTY VIBE RADIO: Reggae + Roots + Dancehall + Dub –
    9. PARTY VIBE RADIO: Ambient + Chill Out + Downtempo –

    Hugh @ Party Vibe Radio


  3. 4 years ago by shawn

    how do you add a radio station



    • 4 years ago by joey

      Just submit under Radio Station Submissions in blog. Thanks!

  4. 4 years ago by Mike

    Hello, I would love to see Endless 80s Radio added to your directory. It is an internet only station playing nothing but the best of the 1980s.

    Stream link:


  5. 4 years ago by Claudius


    Can you please include our station in your directory?

    Name: Poptastic Radio

    Stream URL:


    Country: France

    Genre: Pop, Britpop, Alternative, Indie, Classic Rock

    Thank you very much,

  6. 4 years ago by Acélio Contino

    We would like to have our web radio included in your list.
    Name: Mais Português
    Mais Português is a web radio that plays songs from Portuguese-speaking countries only: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guine Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe. Lots of good music!
    Genres: World Music, POP, African, Varied
    Streaming links: WINAMP Windows Media Player (WMP) Real One Player QuickTime Player iTUNES Player

    Thank you!

  7. 4 years ago by Herb

    stop by for so real deal Soul and R & B 🙂

  8. 4 years ago by

    Hello can you please add my station to your directory? Here is the info:

    Station Name:
    USA, Atlanta GA
    Playing all the best jams in Black Music 24/7!

  9. 4 years ago by Neil Kelly

    Please add my station to your listings. We are an eclectic jazz station playing all sub-genres.
    Thank you!

    Jazz on the A-1 Audio Network

  10. 3 years ago by Herb

    Could you include this station ?

  11. 3 years ago by Ralph


    I was wondering if you are so kind to add our radio station to you site:

    Station name:
    Description: NextRadio Is the World’s First Intelligent and Interactive Radio. You can take the control and play live the songs you like.

    Thanks in advance

  12. 3 years ago by Steven

    “The songs you remember, from the decades of the past!”

    Stream URL >

  13. 2 years ago by Lorenzo Thomas

    To whom it may concern :

    I would like to become a Radio Guide partner. Thus, I hope you consider my request, I have submitted the following for review:

    Your station name: Live from the Mia (Grown Folks Radio)
    Your business name: Live from the Mia
    Your web site address :
    Your country or territory : USA Miami, Florida
    Please confirm that your station complies with your applicable territories’ (country’s) laws: Confirmed YES!!
    Please confirm your station is 24×7: Confirmed YES!!
    What is your current user traffic to your station(s)?
    TLH: Station Popularity: 5712 listening hours in the last 30 days 5712 hours in the last 30 days
    How many stations do you currently have and what genres? One station Urban, Classic R&B, Throwback Hip Hop and Adult Contemporary!
    A direct streaming link to the station you are submitting:

    Thanks in advance,

    Lorenzo Thomas

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